In The News – April 2017


New York, NY (April, 2017) – Bauer Media Group USA’s digital business – Bauer Xcel Media USA – today announced that two of their entertainment brands, and achieved record organic traffic to their websites. The two brands have also achieved record organic growth year over year.

Bauer Xcel Media employs an innovative editorial and audience development strategy that combines content creation with detailed data analysis across its websites, social media, search and other channels. By focusing on search engine optimization and earned social media engagement on key platforms including Instagram, Bauer Xcel Media’s brands not only saw record growth, but also achieved their highest monthly organic traffic to date.

In March, 2017:
• received 13.3M visits, of which 32% was search driven.
• received 11.5M visits, of which 42% was search driven.

Additionally,’s monthly organic search traffic increased 98% year over year, while has seen a 212% year over year monthly organic search traffic increase.

Kate Spies, Vice President Editorial and Audience Development at Bauer Xcel Media said: “I am thrilled to see that our synergistic approach to editorial and audience development is paying off so well. We really understand what our brands mean to our fans, and work hard to create very relevant and unique content for them. By combining this with search and social media strategies that are informed by real time data, we’re driving not just more new organic traffic, but repeat fans as well.”

Christian Baesler, President of Bauer Xcel Media USA and Managing Director of Bauer Xcel Media UK said: “The organic growth of some of our flagship properties proves that our data-driven approach to content creation is working for our fans. With our lean, tightly-knit team, we can focus on the most successful elements while being flexible enough to capitalize on new strategies.”

About Bauer Xcel Media:
Bauer Xcel Media is advancing the media industry by applying user driven strategies to deliver cutting edge news and build original, innovative products centered around audience needs. With 150 million monthly unique users and offices in New York, Hamburg, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Warsaw, Bauer Xcel Media is one of the world’s fastest growing digital media companies.

About the Bauer Media Group:
The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media companies in the world. More than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products, and 100 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the globe. The company’s portfolio also includes printing companies, postal services and services in the fields of distribution, marketing and media sales. With a new global positioning strategy, the Bauer Media Group underscores its passion for people and brands. The claim “We think popular.” highlights the Bauer Media Group’s perception of itself as a publisher of popular media and provides inspiration and motivation to its more than 11,500 employees in 20 countries.

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