In The News – February 5, 2015



New York, NY (Feb. 5, 2015) – In a move designed to unlock potential in digital whilst continuing to leverage its successful global print business, the Bauer Media Group today announces the international expansion of Bauer Xcel Media, repositioning its worldwide digital businesses under one global umbrella.

Bauer Xcel Media, which is already a successful proposition in the United States, will have a focused digital vision serving 130 million monthly unique users worldwide. An accelerated growth plan which will leverage the scale of its unique brands spanning connected TV, radio, digital and print and will be backed by a substantial global drive to acquire digital talent.

Bauer Xcel Media will focus solely on digital development and growth with Bauer’s ambition to take advantage of local opportunities and scale them globally, leverage learnings, best practice and build original and innovative data-driven products centered on audience needs.

“The creation of this division marks Bauer’s acceleration as we invest with global ambition in this digital space with a single customer view across Bauer Xcel Media,” said Andreas Schoo, Member of the Executive Board of the Bauer Media Group / Bauer Xcel Media. “We believe that having separate focus behind our print and digital businesses will allow us to achieve significant growth in digital whilst continuing to drive our successful print business forward.”

Bauer Xcel Media was first launched in the United States in August 2014 by Christian Baesler, former VP New Media at Bauer Media US, to focus on scaling the growth of the domestic web properties. The result has been an explosive growth in traffic amongst Bauer’s core sites,, and At the end of 2014, Bauer Xcel Media’s US properties reached more than 25 million monthly unique users, a 526% increase year over year*.

“We’re thrilled about the success Bauer Xcel Media achieved in such a short time since its creation in the US. The transformation of Bauer Xcel Media into a global digital powerhouse combined with the huge scale of 130 million monthly unique users will create tremendous benefits for advertisers, users and digital talent alike.” said Christian Baesler, president of Bauer Xcel Media US.

Led by Andreas Schoo, Member of the Executive Board of the Bauer Media Group / Bauer Xcel Media, Markus Huessmann and Sven-Olof Reimers as the Bauer Xcel Media COOs, this new global umbrella brand for Bauer’s digital business is one of the world’s fastest growing digital media companies with offices in New York, Hamburg, London, Sydney/Melbourne and Warsaw. Among others, digital assets include, and in the USA, GraziaDaily, Kiss FMUK and recent digital-first launch The Debrief in the UK, Wunderweib, one of the largest web portals for women in Germany, Interia in Poland, Australian Women’s Weekly online and Autotrader in New Zealand.

About Bauer Xcel Media US Founded in August 2014, Bauer Xcel Media focuses on growing Bauer Media Group USA’s online brands and expanding its digital portfolio. Its mission is to transform the way stories are told and consumed online while building new, innovative products around audiences’ needs. In November 2014, Bauer Xcel Media’s web properties reached 25.6 million unique users*, a 526% increase year over year. Its Bauer Teen Group recorded 5.1 million unique users (+195%)* while the Bauer Entertainment Group attracted 20.2 million unique users (+1009%)*.

*Google Analytics, November 2014

About Bauer Media Group400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations reach millions of people across the globe. The corporate portfolio extends to include print shops, postal, distribution and marketing services. The Bauer Media Group’s global positioning underscores its passion for people and brands. The message “We think popular.” illustrates the Bauer Media Group’s self-perception as an organization with a range of popular media, creating inspiration and motivation for its global workforce of some 11,000 employees in 16 countries.

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