In The News – June 14, 2013


Englewood Cliffs, NJ (June 14, 2013) – Bauer Publishing, the number-one seller of magazines at retail in the country, today announces the launch of three new magazines to hit newsstands nationwide in the second half of 2013: Closer, Girl’s World and Celebrate with Woman’s World.

“We are thrilled to be introducing three new products to the marketplace,” Sebastian Raatz, executive vice president of Bauer Publishing said. “We believe in the power of the newsstand and continue to expand our portfolio providing brands that connect with readers and attract new audiences.”

Bauer Publishing will introduce Closer, a weekly magazine, this November. Closer reaches the untapped market of Generation X women and will open up a new category for weeklies. Stars with long and illustrious careers will be covered in an uplifting, inspiring and positive way. Closer will provide readers with authoritative advice in fashion, beauty, health, fitness, diet, recipes and decorating — all in an age-appropriate way.

The title will have a dedicated staff of editors led by editor-in-chief, Annabel Vered.

“Closer is a magazine unlike anything else in the market,” said Vered. “We’ll be celebrating the stars that the readers and I have grown up with and love. Closer will also provide readers with useful tips and advice for every day living — it’s like three magazines rolled into one!”

2 million copies will be distributed in its first week at a price of .25 cents and follow with a newsstand price of $3.99.

Marc Richards, publisher of Closer, says: “Closer will bring a refreshing new approach to the homogenized celebrity entertainment category, designed specifically for the underserved Generation X demographic. A generation that outspends even the celebrated Baby Boomers on categories such as luxury, fragrance, cosmetics, beauty products, fashion accessories, alcohol, entertainment and health services. With a unique package of positive, fun and helpful celebrity content, Closer will be reaching these 49 million Gen X’ers at the peak of their professional lives, as evidenced by their 125 billion dollars in annual spending power.”

Also launching later this year is Girl’s World, a true introductory celebrity lifestyle magazine for girls 7 to 11. Girl’s World will be published seven times a year and retail for $4.99. Celebrate with Woman’s World will be an extension of Bauer’s successful women’s service title Woman’s World spearheaded by its editor-in-chief Stephanie Sable. Celebrating the holidays, seasons and special times of the year, Celebrate with Woman’s World will be distributed six times a year and retail for $4.99.

About Bauer Publishing Bauer Publishing is the number-one seller of magazines on the newsstand. Bauer publishes top women’s, teen, and entertainment titles including: In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Woman’s World, First for Women, J-14, TWIST, M, Soaps In Depth, AstroGirl, QuizFest and Life Story.