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Hamburg (September 23, 2016) – Bauer Media Group posted the second-highest turnover in its company history in fiscal year 2015 with sales of EUR 2.316 billion.

The Group’s classic magazine business made the greatest contribution to turnover. Europe’s largest magazine publisher generated total global sales of EUR 1.689 billion in its Print business during 2015. Magazine sales accounted for EUR 1.292 billion of this total. Due to acquisitions in Scandinavia and the UK, the Group’s Radio business achieved the strongest growth: Bauer Media Group posted sales of EUR 320 million and year-on-year growth of 38.5 percent in this division. With turnover of EUR 122 million, the Digital division maintained its upward trajectory and achieved year-on-year growth of 16.2 percent.

Publisher Yvonne Bauer states: “Our growth is based on innovative products and the constant nurturing of our brands. Print is the platform for our success. In addition, we will continue to expand the pillars Radio and Digital and make further strategic investments in all our business fields.”

Bauer Media Group strengthened its position in Germany as the publishing company with the highest circulation and reach figures: for the first time in history, Bauer Media Group has 27 titles in the list of 100 top-selling magazines.

Sales outside Germany accounted for 65.6 percent of total turnover – a slight increase on the previous year (2014: 64.9 percent). Bauer Media Group is active in 20 countries and sells 1.3 billion magazines around the world. There was also an increase in headcount: 11,500 people now work for Bauer Media Group – up 6.5 percent on the previous year.

Economic development of Bauer Media Group at a glance

2013 2014 2015
Turnover in EUR million 2,322 2,263 2,316
By division
Magazine sales 1,369 1,295 1,292
Advertising 482 437 397
Radio 203 231 320
Digital 81 105 122
Other 187 195 185
External sales in %
Germany 35.5 35.1 34.4
Abroad 64.5 64.9 65.6

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About the Bauer Media Group
The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media companies in the world. More than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products, and 100 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the globe. The company’s portfolio also includes printing companies, postal services and services in the fields of distribution, marketing and media sales. With a new global positioning strategy, the Bauer Media Group underscores its passion for people and brands. The claim “We think popular.” highlights the Bauer Media Group’s perception of itself as a publisher of popular media and provides inspiration and motivation to its more than 11,000 employees in 20 countries.